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Sofos Insurance Agency was awarded by Hydrogeio

Sofos Insurance Agency was awarded in the context of the big anniversary event organized by Hydrogios Asfalistiki for its 50 years of presence.

The insurance company Hydrogeios completed its anniversary activities for the 50th anniversary of its foundation, with a large event in Athens, in the context of which, insurance mediation offices that have passed "from generation to generation" were awarded. The specific offices were honored for their contribution to the institution of insurance through the successful family succession, from the first, to the second or even the third generation of insurers.

As pointed out in the relevant press release issued by Sofos Insurance Agency, "two corporate cultures that go hand in hand perfectly, as they listen to the needs of partners and customers, had the opportunity to stand side by side and one of them received the award. Her award Sofos Insurance Agency from an insurance company like Hydrogeios is a moral reward for the company's presence in the field as well as for its overall contribution to the insurance market".

Mr. Thrasyvoulos Sofos, General Sales Manager of Sofos Insurance Agency, pointed out: "We are particularly happy for the strategic cooperation with Hydrogeo Asfalistika, as well as for our award as an organization. Our recognition by a company of such scope as Hydrogeios, which innovates by awarding quality and not quantity, motivates us to continue our intensive efforts, so as to put our little stone for the wider dissemination of the ideals of our industry. I wish with all my heart that the company's 50 years of presence will be the starting point of another successful course".


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