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Major innovation from Sofos Insurance Agency

Sofos Insurance Agency announced the interconnection of its systems with the central IT applications of the 4 systemic banks. This interface, implemented by the Company's Computerization Department, under the leadership of Mr. Nikos Markantonatos, is now part of the organization's payment acceptance system.

The computerized applications of Sofos Insurance Agency are now able to "know" the movements of the Company's bank accounts within a few seconds, «significantly improving the response time of the systems Sophos PAY and E-Wallet from the 10 minutes that applied until now", as stated in the relevant press release, where it is also noted that the process works in absolute alignment with the instructions of the Bank of Greece and carries all the certifications required for open banking.

Further improving the automated update process, there is option available in the Sofos Portal that enables the user – partner the company's to turn the system update process into an instant one-click process.

Sofos Pay at a glance

The Sofos Pay system includes all customer and partner payment methods, as it unifies physical POS, E-Pos, payments through the DIAS system, electronic payment notifications (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) and simple deposits to the accounts with the prefix RF and F in the Sofos Portal. In collaboration with the reliability of the computer company Datawise, manage the automatic releases of the paid contracts and the payments of the partners' cash registers. Sofos Pay has the ability to groups affiliate deposits made at different banks or times and involving the same cash list and manage the same efficient deposits or payments through a bank cashier, through e-banking/ mobile banking or ATM and APS, the Sofos E-Wallet but also combinations of all of the above.

Mr. O George Sofos, General Manager of the Organization and Vice-President of the Board of Directors. her Sofos Insurance Agency, stated in this regard: "Once again our organization innovates and highlights its strategic positioning in the efficient flow of information, integrating its systems with the central systems of the banks. After 18 months of research and development, implementation and control of the project, we are optimistic that we will contribute even more to the optimization of the daily life of our partners".

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