Sofos Insurance Agency

You met us in 1978. You trust us until today.

With its main concerns being the practical support and the facilitation of its partners on a daily basis, Sofos Insurance Agency invests time and capital to find the most efficient solutions in risk taking, expands its partnerships with all insurance companies, seeks innovative products of exclusive provision in its network and continuously develops its technology through computerized systems. Our partners have the possibility to distribute 2.500 insurance products of various sectors as well as to work indirectly with 38 insurance companies. Our 62 specialized staff provide also to our partners the most efficient solutions. Our electronic platform, Sofos Portal, in collaboration with the database company, enables each of our partners to enjoy unified processes, to monitor live the course of their claims in all insurance sectors and electronically sign the pre-contractual IDD forms. Based on the Sofos Portal, the Sofos Edu for you training department offers, through webinars, continuous training on existing and new insurance products.

SOFOS Portal

The most modern tool for insurance intermediaries who choose to work with Sofos Insurance Agency. A single portal for all the daily tasks of the partner as well as supplying all innovative tools to him at his fingertips. Through the Sofos Portal the partner can invoice, register an application and issue contracts in 8 different sectors and 34 insurance companies. The partner can control the progress of his production, manage his portfolio and customer data through a completely secure space as well as use all the innovative services offered by the organization. It is directly connected to insurance companies, banks and almost all organizations on which the daily life of an insurance intermediary depends. It is the driving force behind the development of Sofos Insurance Agency

SOFOS e-Wallet

All partners can make use of the "e-wallet". It is an alternative process by which the partner can credit money to use in paying off future cash balances. Using individual deposit cards linked to his code or the unique code shown to him by Sofos Portal, the partner can deposit money at bank ATMs without waiting in queues. These amounts are credited to the Sofos e-Wallet within seconds and he can use them to pay off all or part of the cash he will generate. He can also check, through the Sofos Portal, the balance of the outstanding commissions he has to receive and at the press of a button he can, if he wishes, directly credit the commissions to the Sofos e-Wallet.

SOFOS e-Sign

It is an innovative tool with which the partner through the Sofos Portal, has the possibility to fully comply with the requirements of regulatory compliance as for each new job regardless of the sector, he can receive the needs analysis forms, pre-contractual documents and GDPR documents with the possibility of electronic signature from the customer. The innovation lies in the fact that the customer can sign either at the partner's office in pen, via an electronic link that he will receive upon his request via his mail or via alternative messaging applications (viber, whatsup, messenger, etc.). Once he signs these documents, they are securely stored in electronic form in the Sofos Portal and can be retrieved at any time deems necessary by the partner.


It is the integrated payments section of Sofos Portal and all available payment methods:

  • Payout cash balance with payment code F from the partner
  • Payment of insurance premiums by the customer at a physical POS at the partner's office
  • Payment of insurance premiums by the customer in an electronic e-POS from their premises via a secure link on the company's website
  • The customer using the notice and the single payment code RF or the code QR in his internet banking, or on the company's website or at the cash desks, APS and phone banking of the banks

One of the Sofos Portal tools through which the partner has access to training material. Through Sofos Edu for You, you can watch live the educational webinars held by the company at regular intervals. There is also a related library with all the educational webinars (personal improvement, product presentations, etc.) that the company has held and that the partner can watch whenever he wishes. A partner has also the ability to carry out the annual re-certifications as defined by the legislative and regulatory framework for insurance intermediaries.


"Sofos Insurance Agency" strategically selects its partnerships with insurance undertakings, constantly studying the needs of the market. Our customers and partners gain most benefit from our experience of more than 44 years in the insurance market as well as from the services received due to productive volumes placed in partner insurance undertakings.