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Complaints Procedure

In the event that, as a recipient of the services offerd by our company, you wish to express your discontent, you can submit a complaint.

What is a complaint ?

A complaint is the written manifestation of dissatisfaction addressed to our company by a person who becomes a recipient of our services. Complaints do not include declarations of claims, requests for compensation, or provision of information related to the execution of the insurance policy.

How our company deals with complaints

Our company has established and implements a Complaints Procedure Policy which aims to provide quality services to our clients and associates and strictly comply with the current legal and regulatory framework.

Every effort will be made to ensure that complaints are dealt with by a fair, substantive and objective investigation in good faith. Any conflicts of interest that may arise are dealt with and resolved in the most effective way possible. The purpose of the procedure is that the complaints are handled with immediate response in an objevtive, polite and confidential manner so that any issue is resolved or explained.

Complaints handling department

Our company has established a Complaints Handling Department that is operationally independent and supervises the application of our Complaints Procedure Policy so that it complies with the current legal framework. Complaints are examined with fairness, thus ensuring that any conflicts of interest are detected and resolved immediately.

Ways to lodge a complaint:

You can submit a complaint by filling out the form you will find below and sending it in the following ways:

After processing your complaint, every possible care will be taken to respond within fifty (50) calendar days. However, we would like to point out that activating the complaints procedure does not interrupt the limitations for any legal claim you may have.

In any case of submitting a complaint or resolving disputes out of court, you can contact:

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