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In case of a car accident, I contact the accident care or roadside assistance (if it is provided in the coverage of the car insurance policy). Phone numbers are usually listed on the back of my insurance policy. Accident care undertakes to record the incident with an accident report from the insured, to photograph the vehicles involved and the place where the incident took place. If it is possible to include the damage in the amicable settlement then accident care helps us to complete the amicable declaration form. It is recommended to call the traffic police regardless of how trivial the accident might appear to be.

Amicable settlement or DIRECT PAYMENT SYSTEM (SAP) is a system created by insurance companies so that the customer requesting compensation has the possibility to be compensated by his insurance company. In the event that an insurance company is not included in the amicable settlement, the suffer should then contact the insurance company of the owner responsible for the incident. Nevertheless, Sofos Insurance Agency provides a claims service department which responsibly undertakes to carry out the necessary action to quickly close the claim file.
Accident care is fully reliable and considered a very essential coverage in car insurance policy as the company undertakes to handle the necessary paperwork that follows in the aftermath of an accident.
According to the new law regarding vehicle liability insurance, policy renewal is no longer automatic. Therefore, the renewal should be received prior to the culmination of the contract, in order to ensure that your insurance policy is in good standing at all times.
Should you find yourself in a difficult situation healthwise, your health insurance policy will bear the otherwise unaffordable cost of rehabilitation. If the policy holder chooses to be treated at a clinic which is in collaboration with the insurance company, he will be required to pay nothing more than the exemption, if of course it exists in his insurance policy.
Insurance does not only require ensuring the legality of our vehicle but also protects us from any unpleasant incidents that may occur in various other sectors (property, health, etc.). A relatively expensive insurance policy provides a plethora of additional coverages which may, at a first glance seem insignificant, but which can actually relieve us of unbearable expenses and emotional burden. Thus, spending an extra amount of money is necessary not only to avoid possible financial disaster but also to enjoy a general feeling of safety.
Individual health contracts cannot be canceled by the respective insurance company. However, it does reserve the right to cancel a specific program for its entire portfolio (customers).
Investment life plans are life contracts linked to investments. They are invariably risk-graded investment plans. Contracts of this type do not guarantee the investment capital.
Buying a policy that covers your own individual needs is indeed worthwhile. You should seek value for money under the consultation and guidance of your insurer.
The insurance policy will be directly delivered to your place of residence (or elsewhere should you so desire) by a staff member of our customer service department.
Your insurer must immediately be consulted, whereby the coordination center of the respective insurance company will be contacted.
Since all doctors now accept to operate in a clinic of the patient's choice, no such issue ever arises.