Sofos Insurance Agency

You met us in 1978. You trust us until today.

With the possibility of insuring any transported cargo in liquid or solid form, Sofos Insurance Agency S.A. secures your business and addresses risks that may stand in the way of exporting or importing products.

Covers for loss or damage of transported cargo are offered for any recognized or specialized means of transport (ship, truck, plane, train) and cover up to the limits of the insured following the conditions of carriage.

For demanding and recognized entrepreneurs, the insurance packages cover a multitude of materials in the gaseous, liquid or solid state. Some of which are listed below:

Η Sofos Insurance Agency provides all types of cargo insurance (definitive policy – ​​single trip or 12-month policy) and all transport clauses (A, B, C). The mentioned insurance policies cover the needs of the entrepreneur accordingly and ensure a worry-free transport of goods.

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