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Sofos Insurance Agency: Recertified over 300 associates & corporate executives

Sofos Insurance Agency announced that, for the year 2022, it recertified for free through its online platform Sofos Edu For you, over 300 of its partners and corporate executives.

As stated in the press release, the company's training department, which is in its second year of operation, created the first comprehensive asynchronous e-learning platform in Greece for insurance mediation issues, in order to fully cover the educational needs and re-certifications of its network as well as its human potential. The online platform was launched in July 2022 and has since been widely accepted by the sales network of the Sofos Insurance agency.

The management of the company would like to warmly thank, once again, the insurance companies ERGO in the upcoming years, while AIG, for their undivided contribution and assistance, who made available their own re-certification programs of sectors A' & B', to certify through them the partners of the sales network and the company's staff.

Also, the management of the company would like to thank her SQ Learn, which designed the Sofos Edu For You online platform, especially for the needs of the company and took care of its connection with the Sofos Portal.

The company holds the strong belief that in the new year, the Sofos Edu For You will be even more accepted by its partners, with even more active and meaningful participation.

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