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Sofos Insurance Agency: Over 400 partners in Sofos Edu For You

Sofos Insurance Agency, with particular joy and pride, announced that for the year 2023, through the Sofos Edu For You Education Department, more than 400 of its partners have declared their participation in the re-certification programs of the Bank of Greece.

The Sophos Edu The youas noted in the press release, it is the first asynchronous integrated electronics platform education (e - learningwhich has an insurance brokerage company in GREECE and was designed in such a way as to fully cover the educational needs of its network of partners and its human potential, including among them the re-certification programs of the Board of Directors. The education system is already in its second successful year operation and continues his work vigorously.

Sofos Insurance Agency especially thanks the insurance companies ERGO and AIG, which, for one more year, provided her with their own approved programs of Sectors A & B, so that her partners and staff could be certified through them. He also sends a warm thank you to the company SQ Learn, which designed the platform Sophos Edu The you, exclusively for the needs of Sofos Insurance Agency, and which constantly oversees its smooth connection with the Sophos Portal.

The General Manager of the Organization and Member of the Board of Directors of Sofos Insurance Agency, K. George Sofos, said: "The strategic acceptance of the system Sofos Edu For You prompts us to continue investing in education. We managed to efficiently integrate one more service into our organization's ecosystem, with an emphasis on ease of use. We are proud of the extent to which we have managed to convey the message of the necessity of (re-)education in our professional field and we pledge to continue with the same zeal to provide innovative and useful services to our people."

The General Manager of Sales and Member of the Board of Directors of Sofos Insurance Agency, Mr. Thrasyvoulos Sofos, noted the following: "We continue to dynamically offer solutions and services to the company's sales network and human resources, while we are particularly satisfied with the acceptance of the Sofos Edu For You. The education system Sofos Edu For You is an important tool in the hands of our people and a means of extroversion of our strategy for quality insurance intermediation".

Finally, it is worth noting that the Company expects that during 2024 over 500 partners will be recertified through the Sofos Edu For You platform.


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