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Sofos Insurance Agency: The new, renewed site is "in the air".

The completely renewed website of Sofos Insurance Agency is already live, specially designed with the needs of its partners, customers and visitors in mind.

The, as mentioned in the press release, turns into a modern digital tool, pleasant to navigate, fully functional and enriched, with the most modern environment compared to the previous one. The philosophy of the new site is based on extremely easy navigation, where the user can, simply and quickly, obtain any information he is interested in as well as be informed about his insurance through the section Frequent questions.

Also, in new site of Sofos Insurance Agency, its visitors can find out:

  1. With useful information about the Company
  2. For all branches of Insurance
  3. For all News and Announcements
  4. For the collaborating Insurance Companies
  5. With information about its Affiliate Network
  6. For the range of services it provides
  7. For the soulful potential of the Company
  8. Information on Branches and Regional Addresses through an interface with google maps.

In addition, customers can pay for their policy through Sofos Pay, as well as collect useful information such as whether their vehicle is insured or find out about their insurance broker through the One Stop Shop for Insurance Brokers. Finally, we should point out that the site is bilingual (Greek & English) and has a responsive mode, ideal for viewing on tablets and mobile phones.

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